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Primal Health is Quantum Biology Applied! Beyond Nutrition & Fitness!

Here is a metaphor that describe’s UberVitality's Quantum Health coaching approach: your body and mind are designed to perform like a formula-one race car and the vehicle’s engine is like the cellular powerhouse that provides the vehicle’s energy to perform body’s and mind’s daily metabolic tasks.The Quantum heath approach is not some esoteric theory, but it’s grounded in scientific literature about the mitochondria! You probably have never heard this term, but the mitochondria is part of the cell that is responsible for energy! Yes, this subset of the cellular structure determines your energy levels, metabolism, quality of sleep, blood-sugar balance, and whether you are healthy or dealing with an acute or chronic disease. If your mitochondria is losing energy it will result in lost of energy, inflammation, i.e., weight gain, and unfortunately diet, or exercise alone will not fix a broken cellular engine! Healthcare, nutritionist’s, personal trainer’s, alternative medicine has been focusing on the cellular “fuel type” (food) as the main energy driver and for reversing disease. Despite their admirable efforts, ALL dis-eases continues to rise across every segment in medicine! The Quantum biology approach primarily focuses upon how well your cellular “engine” is performing, versus the “fuel” type (vegetarian, Paleo, Raw, etc). If your formula-one vehicle is worth a billion dollars, does it make more sense to make sure your engine is fined tuned and running efficiently at top performance, or focus on the type of fuel? Most trainers, nutritionist focus upon the fuel type and exercise (laps), while the client’s engine is totally misfiring and blowing black smoke (i.e., sluggish metabolism, weight gain, systemic bodily inflammation, sleep disorders, mood disorders, low sexual drive, etc). The Quantum approach (think of energy efficiency of the cells) focus’s upon the formula-one engine and it’s environment that it’s performing in. Not all environments are created equal from a quantum biology perspective and your cellular engine (mitochondria) performance is determined by the type of environment your cells are bathing in 24/7. Not all cellular engines (genetics) are created equal, and different environmental inputs and variables affect the performance of your formula-one engine! The idea of a single panacea that solves everyone’s health issue like just do keto, paleo, crossfit, yoga, low carbs, raw, vegan, etc is a misleading formula towards failure with never ending chasing the next diet fad, exercise regimen. If you want to “Thrive At Any Age” that means you got build your energy core from the foundation!